Executive en Leadership Coaching

Because you don’t know what you don’t know … 

WHY would you want an executive or leadership coach?

Every top sporter has a coach, even 5 different ones: a mental coach, a strategic coach, a physical coach, a nutrition coach, a trainer-coach, …
Why would top executives or leaders not need a coach? 
Executives at the top, have usually less people who are really honest and transparant with them. Their position creates unwillingly dependance from team members, whether you like it or not.

On top of that, disruption is everywhere. When do you refresh your views on your business? Who listens in confidence to what is worrying you for your business? When can you share your irritations without feeling judged?

It is often very lonely at the top. To become the best version of you, an executive coach will give you the boost you need !

Executive coaching
Executive coaching topics

WHAT can be addressed in executive or leadership coaching?

Executive and leadership coaching supports you in different ways:

  • You are modelling leadership: you set the tone for the other leaders: how much aware are you of this?
  • Become more self aware as leader:  what do others see that you don’t see yet, and what may unconsciously limit your personal success?
  • Empowered decission making: executive and leadership coaching broadens perspectives beyond your personal preferences
  • Driving change and organisational growth: executive and leadership coaching moves you forward beyond distractions while you become aware that you are not loosing your team in your speed of change!

HOW does leadership coaching work?

During the intake we will define your desired outcome and your preferences for the executive and leadership coaching.

  • You decide whether you prefer face to face sessions versus online meetings?
  • Where and when to meet 
  • We discuss your learning style and reflection preferences
  • You choose intermediate communication preferences
  • You decide on the involvement of stakeholders or team members (or not)
  • We evaluate the usefulness of personality assessment tools as basis for enriched self awareness
Executive coaching Trajectory

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During the intake, we connect, define your desired outcome and discuss what is needed for a co-creative success.