Certified Coach Program

Distinguish yourself from all the ones calling themselves a coach
but who are still consulting or convincing others they are the expert!

WHY would you certify internal coaches?

A certification program has the following advantages:

  • Participants take the program more serious, so their learning effects are more sustainable
  • Everyone can call themselves a coach. Certified coaches have proven they can go the extra mile and are aligned with an international benchmark of professional coaching
  • Internal trainers and HR gains credibility with an international certificate
  • HR coaches can save a lot of money replacing external coaches
  • Senior managers leading the change process towards a coaching culture, benefit from a head start as certified coach
  • Training programs need to be followed up by professional coaching to enhance application and sustainable learning.
coach certification
Become a succesful professional coach

WHO can participate to the Certified Coach Program?

The main requirement to participant to the Certified Coach Program is your motivation and willingess to become the best version of yourself as coach.  During an intake or a information evening you can check out whether this program would fit you.

Besides the training moments, there will be self-reflection, peer groups, and practise, practise, practise. You will be asked to start coaching peers or volunteers, to really learn from practise.

The program will provide you with knowledge, insights, tools and many learning experiences. Coaching is learned by doing, by falling without shame and standing up again with proud, trying again and persisting. 

During the program you might be challenged to review old habits which served you well in other contexts, such as convincing others that you are right and that you know best.

We will invite you to go through a personal change process, expanding your leadership and communication styles. The essential role of a coach is being a ‘change agent’.  By consciously experiencing the change process yourself, you will become a better coach.

 You will be supported by coach-the-coach sessions, supervisions led by very experienced master certified coaches and by many constructive feedback moments for you to grow into your best version of yourself as a coach.

HOW is the Certified Coach Program build?

The Certified Coach Program of Coaching 4 Coaches is accredited by ICF as ACTP program. This means that the ICF certification criteria are fulfilled and that no additional oral exam with ICF is necessary. 

The current ACTP program is accredited for 132 CCEU’s with ICF. The program is face-face, completed with a learning platform with lots of demo’s and recorded exercises. 

The Certified Coach Program with Coaching 4 Coaches is offering you the following building blocks:

Part 1: Fundamentals

8 days of face-face training, 3 hours of coach-the-coach sessions, minimum 8 hours of coach supervisions by a Master Certified Coach, Self-reflections, Self-study, Peer group practise, Practise with volunteers,  1 day coach Integration Exerciseson ACC level

Part 2: Advanced 

11 days of face-face training, 3 hours of coach-the-coach sessions, minimum 8 hours of coach supervisions by a Master Certified Coach, Self-reflections, Self-study, Peer group practise, Practise with coachees, Written integration exercises, 1 day Coach Integration exercise on PCC level.

Participants coming from other coaching schools with  basic coaching programs, are welcomed.  We will do an in-depth intake to find out how you can blend easily in this advanced program. 

Part 3: Certification

Oral certification based on the ICF PCC Markers, eventually complemented with additional Coach Supervision 

Certified Coach Program

Download our Certified Coach Program leaflet

Become the best version of yourself as coach! 
Be guided by 2 Master Certified Coaches: Katrin Van Bladel (MCC) and Leen Lambrechts (MCC) throughout your journey!

Interested in a Certified Coach Training Program ?

References of Internal  Certified Coach programs designed and led by Leen Lambrechts:

Terumo HR coaching program
DS SMITH coaching program
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Call us to discuss your own Internal Certified Coach Program

Because of our ICF ACTP accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF) ,
we can offer you a similar program, with the necessary small in-house adaptations.
We will make sure your program still meets the Certification Criteria !